Are YOU Ready for Something New?

Be your own boss.  Set your own hours.  Grow your clientele.​

You're a pro.  You could work anywhere in town, but why work for someone else?  Work for the best boss in the world:  yourself!

Encore Salon has two great locations to choose from:  Our original location at 82nd & Iola and our second location at 101st & Slide!

How are we different?

Location, location, location.  We did extensive research on traffic patterns in Lubbock before we picked our locations.  Both locations are on a main road with huge signs.  This has allowed us to attract more business than other hidden salons.  It's also convenient and fun to have food, coffee, and other refreshments right next to both salons!  We don't tell you when you can/can't be at work.  We don't tell you what to wear.  You don't have to use or sell any products you don't want to.  We don't make you sign a term contract where you feel "stuck".  Our rooms are completely enclosed with 4 walls up to the ceiling with a lockable door so you can control the noise level and have great conversations in confidence with your clients.  We want you to love coming to work.  Our salon is simply..."freedom".  Give us a try and see the difference for yourself. 


Encore Salon 82nd is a booth-rental salon located in the beautiful River Crossing Shopping Center at 82nd & Iola, between Double Dave's® Pizzaworks and TOVA Coffeehouse.  We built the salon from the ground up which maximizes space, comfort, and privacy for each stylist.  The result is a salon in a superb location with private, lockable stylist rooms that are accessible 24/7.  All rooms include their own shampoo bowl, comfortable stylist chair, storage cabinets/shelves, mirrors, phone ext. with voicemail, and wifi.  Bring style to your mini-salon by decorating with your own personal touches.  We have friendly receptionists to greet your customers, and a break room/mini-kitchen for you to heat and eat your food when you finally get that well-deserved break!

Encore Salon Slide is a booth-rental salon located in the Slide Retail Shopping Center at 101st & Slide Road, between Fuzzy's Taco Shop & Hat Creek Interiors.  This location features large, private, lockable stylist rooms that are accessible 24/7.  All rooms feature shampoo bowls, comfortable stylist chairs, storage cabinets/shelves, 2 mirrors, TVs with cable, phone with ext. and voicemail, and wifi.  Encore Salon Slide also features on-site laundry, a friendly receptionist, and break room/mini-kitchen.  Bring style to your mini-salon by decorating with your own personal touches.

If you are interested in joining the Encore Salon family, please call or text Tiffany at (806) 632-3457 or email encore_salon@yahoo.com.  You can also message us on Facebook or Instagram.  Please introduce yourself.  We look forward to hearing from you!